Why Emergency Extractions Are Performed

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Many people worry about what will happen if something goes wrong with one of their teeth. If you are not able to see a dentist during normal business hours, you may be left wondering what to do if you are suffering from a severe oral health issue. When you can’t wait any longer, you need to see an emergency dental professional.

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Dentists will try to save the tooth, but there are times when the tooth is not able to be saved. If not, an emergency tooth extraction vallejo will be required to maintain your oral health and keep issues from worsening or affecting other teeth and tissues in the mouth. Some of the main reasons you may want to seek an emergency dentist include persistent pain, swelling, and severe damage.

Persistent Pain in Teeth

Pain is one of the main indicators that something is wrong with your teeth. Any pain can warrant a visit to the dentist, but persistent and intense pain needs to be addressed immediately to prevent problems from getting worse.

Swelling that Does Not Go Down

Swelling that is painful and does not go away can be a sign of issues going on with your oral tissues, such as infection. Infections need to be treated so that you can regain overall health and protect your teeth and oral tissues.

Severe Damage to Teeth

When a tooth is severely damaged, you will need an emergency dentist and possibly an extraction if the damage cannot be repaired. Cracks, broken teeth, dislodged teeth, and other problems will need the intervention of these oral health experts.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should speak with a dentist right away to see if you can schedule an appointment. If the problem is severe, or if you are in extreme pain, you need to contact an emergency dental professional to help you as soon as possible.