Dealing With Ticks

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For those that have ever spent any time outside you will have probably heard of these nasty creatures known as ticks.  Ticks are creatures that when attached to your body will begin to suck your blood.  The problem with this is that ticks also carry a lot of different diseases that can be transmitted to you.  The disease lime disease is very dangerous and if not treated can cause major health issues.  This is why it is very important to have a tick extermination company collierville come in and deal with the issues.

Wear long pants and shirts

The summer months are hot and often miserable.  It is during this time of year we just want to wear shorts, sit in the pool and drink cool beverages.  The last thing we want to do is revisit the fall and winter and wear long clothing.  However, this is needed if you are going to be traveling in tall grass or in areas that have water. 

Check yourself often

One of the greatest lines of defense against ticks is early detection.  In order to prevent any issues or spreading of disease you want to have yourself checked regularly and you want to check others as well.  What you want to do is when traveling outside or in these areas during the summer have someone check you when it is safe.  You want to check your hair, back, arms, legs and anywhere that may come in contact with ticks.

Ticks do not jump or fly.  They attach themselves by direct contact with tall grass and weeds.  As you make your way through these areas you will want to be extra careful.  Also, you will want to check your pets as well.  A tick will also attach themselves to them as well.

tick extermination company collierville

Ticks are nasty creatures and if you come across them you want to remove them immediately.  Also, get yourself checked out if you see any bites or discoloration around what may appear to be a bite.  Early medical attention will also do wonders.